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WGVC Consumer Information Technology Services

WGVC's Consumer IT services are unique in the industry. The technical work is only the beginning--in addition to solving your technical problems, WGVC is committed to educating our clients in the Effective Use of Technology, and when repair is not cost-effective, to disposing of your equipment in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

Never a Charge for Estimates or Troubleshooting

We don't think it's right to charge for looking over a machine and guessing what the problem might be. You will only ever be invoiced if your problem is fixed.

All Hardware Provided At Cost

Is your computer sluggish, balky, flaky or just plain broken? Other services will make a profit on selling you hardware, but WGVC provides all replacement hardware at cost and will return your old parts to you upon request. This way you can have confidence that the solution is based on your needs and not somebody else's business model. In many cases repairs can be effected without replacing hardware at all.

Data Recovery

Vacation photos accidentally deleted from your camera? Years of tax records frozen inside a dead disk drive? WGVC might be able to reunite you with your data, and it only costs you if the effort is successful.

Disposal And Donation

With technology constantly advancing at lower and lower prices, the best solution may be to start over with new equipment. Because most computer equipment contains materials that cannot legally be consigned to a landfill, WGVC can deliver your obsolete gear to an electronics recycling center, or donate it to a charitable organization.

WGVC can also perform low-level data erasure to protect your personal information from unauthorized recovery attempts.


WGVC operates as a fully independent contractor unaffiliated with any hardware manufacturers. We are not authorized to perform warranty service on any equipment.