DC CSW Tournaments

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DC Collins Scrabble® Tournaments

We are offering free admission to a 'swing' player willing to participate or not as needed to even the event. Details below.


Date Location Map
Saturday February 18, 2017 1446 Crowell Rd, Vienna, VA 22182 https://goo.gl/maps/ftyTfghzbnH2
  • Lexicon: Collins 2015 w/ 5 pt. challenge
  • Director: Vince Castellano vince@wgvc.com 703.282.3611
  • Format: 8 rounds, pairings and prizes TBD depending on number of participants, Gibsonization as appropriate
  • Entry Fee: $25 (Incl. $4 NASPA participation fee + $3 lunch fee)
  • $25 Winner-take-all opt-in prize pool
    • Each player may elect to pay $25 to the opt-in pool.
    • Whichever player finishes first amongst those who paid into the pool wins it all.
    • Eligibility for standard prizes is independent of participation in the opt-in pool.
    • Payout is split in the event of a tie.
    • Withdrawal from the pool is not allowed after payment is accepted.
  • Lunch: Sandwich platter and crockpot dish TBD
    • Please advise us in advance of any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Schedule:
    • 09:30 .. 10:00 Registration
    • 10:00 .. 13:00 Games 1-3
    • 13:00 .. 13:30 Lunch break
    • 13:30 .. 18:30 Games 4-8
  • Registration Deadline: 21:00 (9PM) on the Saturday night before the event
    • Players who are not present at 09:45 on the morning of the event and have not contacted the director will be considered no-shows.
    • Alternate contact number (on day of event): 703.946.0549
  • Accommodations: Contact the director for details.
  • Live Coverage URL: http://live.wgvc.com

Swing Player Terms

  • A swing player is one put into the event at the director's discretion so as to make the field even.
  • The above is irrespective of whether or not the director himself chooses to play.
  • A player who has volunteered for swing is welcome to switch to paid player status by paying the full entry fee.
    • (Note this is a revision of a previously stated policy.)
  • Players who have been listed as "pay-to-play" can be switched to swing only at the director's sole discretion.

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