NASPA Chromebook User Guide

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This page documents how to use the NASPA Chromebook to run wordgame programs.

For instructions on how to configure the Chromebook see NASPA Chromebook Configuration.

Startup Procedure

  1. Power on as usual.
    • The startup screen will announce "OS Verification is Off--Press Space to re-enable". If "OS Verification" is "re-enabled", the installation which allows us to run Zyzzyva will be erased and the installation procedure will need to be restarted.
    • Do not press the space bar when prompted at startup.
  2. Either wait a few seconds (during which time the machine will beep twice) or press Ctrl-D to get to the usual welcome screen.
    • At this point you can probably add another user, if you have a network connection.
  3. Click Browse As Guest from the lower left.
  4. Start the Chrome browser if it doesn't auto-start.
  5. Press Ctrl-Alt-T to start crosh.
  6. Type shell at the crosh prompt.
  7. (optional) To disable the screensaver (will blank the screen) type sudo stop powerd
  8. Start the Linux desktop by entering sudo startxfce4
  9. The desktop has an icon for NASPA Zyzzyva. Start the program by double-clicking.
  10. To toggle between ChromeOS (native ChromeBook mode) and the Linux Desktop press Ctrl-Alt-Shift-F1.
    • The F1 key is immediately to the right of the Esc key in the upper left hand corner of the keyboard. It masquerades as the "Back (left)" arrow key.
  11. To shutdown cleanly, toggle to ChromeOS and hold down the power button until the screen blanks.