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2020 Quarantined High School Championship Online (QuaHSCO)

WHEN: Saturday-Sunday, April 18-19. Start time: noon Eastern/9 a.m. Pacific

WHERE: Internet Scrabble Club, isc.ro

LENGTH: 12 games. Seven games on Saturday, five games on Sunday, plus a championship final between the top two finishers

ELIGIBILITY: 9th-12th grades

FORMAT: 20 minutes per player per game, double challenge, TWL dictionary

ENTRY FEE: None! Cash prizes (amounts to be determined) for a range of finishers

DIRECTORS: Stefan Fatsis and Vince Castellano

REGISTRATION: Please reply to sfatsis@gmail.com by Wednesday, April 15, with the following information: Player name/Grade/ISC username.

If you haven’t played on ISC before, please register, create a username and get familiar with the site.

Guidelines for play can be viewed at live.wgvc.com.

LIVE COVERAGE: Standings, pairings and miscellaneous updates at live.wgvc.com

IMPORTANT NOTE: By registering for this event, players agree to refrain from using ANY electronic or print word lookup aids or devices during play. In other words, put your phone in another room and play to the best of your ability.

Questions: Stefan Fatsis, sfatsis@gmail.com, 917 838 9230