Assigned Firsts And Seconds

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Addressing certain frequently-asked questions about the assignment of firsts and seconds.

  1. Why do I have so many 1sts or 2nds in a row? In the case of a round-robin, it is not possible to assign firsts and seconds without some consecutive firsts or seconds for certain players. In other cases, runs of firsts or seconds would result from normal statistical variance.
  2. I still think I should be going 1st (or 2nd) in this game. Should I notify the director? Absolutely, but the assignment can only be overturned if there has been an error of some kind and only if the game has not been started.
  3. We played our game with the wrong assignment of 1sts and 2nds. Can we get the record amended? Only if both players agree this happened and notify the director, however games which have already been paired will not be amended. Changes will be taken into account when assigning firsts and seconds for rounds not yet paired.
  4. Why are we not drawing for 1st in the final round? Even if players have the same number of 1sts and 2nds, the order of play will be assigned if:
    1. The players have had an unequal number of 1sts and 2nds against each other in this event; or
    2. The order of play can be assigned so as to minimize the number of consecutive 1sts or 2nds either player ends the event with.
  5. In our previous games, my opponent has gone 1st more than I but he's going 1st again. Shouldn't it be my turn? If players have unequal numbers of 1sts or 2nds against all their opponents, the rules do not allow this to be overridden as the criteria for order of play no matter how uneven are players' head-to-head record in the event.