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Oct 7, 2017 Gaithersburg MD Scrabble® Tournament

WGVC.COM is proud to bring you live results for the Oct 7, 2017 Gaithersburg MD Scrabble® Tournament.

All data currently shown is provisional and subject to revision. Wait for the official announcement before acting on it.

Div Standings ESB
CSW CSW Scoreboard

Event Indices

This live coverage is provided through by Vince Castellano. If you encounter difficulties accessing it, please email

To assure you of the highest-quality up-to-the-second coverage, WGVC uses only tsh Scrabble® tournament software.

Looking Up Your Scorecard

Players are encouraged to use their mobile devices to check their scorecards during the event. Simply select the Standings link above for your division and link on your name.

Insert your badge in the scanner face down to view your scorecard.

If your scorecard has a QR code in the upper right corner, you can also:

  1. Slide your scorecard's QR code facing downward into the reader in the game room to activate the onscreen display.
  2. Scan your scorecard's QR code with a QR reader on your mobile device.

Please ask a staff member for advice if you require any assistance.

Pairings and Assigned 1sts/2nds

A detailed discussion of the Performance Pairings system used at large events is at Performance Pairings.

Policy on assigned 1sts/2nds, and why we don't have as many final-round draws as you might expect is at Assigned Firsts And Seconds.